Wednesday 18 June 2014

“No point in hurrying, you’ve got to start off on the right foot...”

Everyone knows the famous fable by la Fontaine where an over-confident hare is beaten by miles by a more thoughtful tortoise... Yes, wanting to go too fast is often the same thing as “speed”!  Speed as in “speed dating”…  This very “fashionable” style of encounter, in a special location, which allows singles to get to know each other in 7 minutes flat! Seven minutes of intensive talking and flirting, before changing table and changing partners, in the hope that some kind of spark will glow during this unforgiving face to face encounter. It either works or it doesn’t, like arm wrestling, both parties giving all their energy and seductiveness to carry off the big prize.... But unfortunately there is little chance of success, especially if everything turns on someone’s physique, their smile or their attitude in order to hit the mark...

Above all, make sure you are relaxed

But you will ask what connection speed dating has with Singleactive. There are basically two points in common. Both organise and encourage contact between singles and both emphasise a real encounter between the partners. But the similarities stop there.  You must above all waste no time with speed dating; with Singleactive, you are free from stress and competitiveness, and you can relax. Singleactive certainly offers its members a fine selection of leisure activities which are also an opportunity for diverse encounters; to be experienced simply as shared activities between friends or something conducive to love. Everyone choses the Singeleactive events themselves, which are based around group activities in a social ambiance suitable for letting each participant’s personality shine out. Humour, gentleness helpfulness, individual skills and varied interests; character traits are more readily visible in a fraternal and party-like atmosphere, with no special requirements except the pleasure of sharing.

Let’s live the present moment to the full

It really is interesting to participate in Singleactive events without any pressure, when you can let things take their course…, perhaps with a nice surprise coming at the end. Singleactive members who discover an affinity with someone will have all the time in the world to use the technology on the platform to pursue the relationship. Meanwhile take your time and enjoy the living moment with no nasty stress: this is a well-known recipe for success. And may we dare add that those who prefer advancing at a tortoise’s pace may find what they want before the hares who like careering around at the speed of light...