Friday 25 April 2014

Frog and Prince Charming

"Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find Prince Charming..." explained a woman on a forum, referring to her personal experience on a traditional dating website. What then, is the relevance of this slightly cynical remark, particularly given the services offered by the new Singleactive website?

In their "bubble"

Let's be realistic, this person's comment reflects the experiences of many members of traditional dating websites in more than one way, and for a good reason: getting to know a partner first takes place in a reality which is essentially virtual. Comfortably seated in front of their computer screen, hidden by an evocative user name, fans of traditional dating websites are often trapped in a "bubble", fuelled by the magic and mystery of messaging. In this mode of communication which is specific to the Internet, people talk among strangers, they do not often reveal their identity, they say things that make them sound good and enter into a form of privacy, or even intimacy, which is rarely equalled in a real encounter. People even end up falling in love or writing "I love you" to someone they have never actually met in real life (!), as testified by internet users who are surprised to have fallen for this kind of enchantment. So we can easily guess that there are many bad surprises, disappointments and disillusionments when virtual partners end up actually meeting, often seeing their dreams and hopes coming up against a reality which is much more down-to-earth...

Real life

We have already seen that Singleactive does not primarily intend to promote this type of romantic encounter which are too often idealised. The platform is open to everyone, for the purpose of meeting people which can be both friendly and orientated towards love. The website's originality plays on this dual service which is perfectly interactive between encounters based on affinity and participation in the many leisure activities organised by entertainment professionals. Singleactive members will above all have the opportunity to get to know people during recreational or entertaining encounters in everyday life situations, in areas as diverse as sport, well-being, music or other quality celebratory events.

Spontaneity first and foremost

You could say that Singleactive meetings are more like those that prevailed before the Internet era, a time in which people used to get to know one another in everyday life situations such as at parties, social gatherings or chance encounters. Yes, people used to meet in society, among friends, where people revealed their personalities in everyday life settings It is here that a friendship, attraction or real love was born. People felt things more spontaneously, an undeniable asset that Singleactive intends to offer its members as part of its service offering.

Meeting people without having specific expectations, in a context of leisure activities, discovering each other in real life while having the opportunity to have more individual contacts on the website via email, messaging or VoIP service (Voice over IP). Singleactive offers excellent guarantees of a more authentic encounter, one that many Internet users seeking friendship or love now prefer. There were many fewer frogs to be kissed, and if I'm not mistaken, it would be a good thing to return to that these days...

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