Tuesday 22 April 2014

Make your encounters on Singleactive a success, an individual approach

Can you rely on the advice you find on the Internet to give yourself the best possible chance of success on a dating site? This is a relevant question and it requires an individual approach. The new Singleactive site uses different categories from a conventional dating site. The setting where the future members of Singleactive are going to evolve makes the fundamental difference. It is a setting which is open to public events where people learn to get to know each other and appreciate each other in real life; this daily existence which includes humour, conviviality, partying and the pleasure of enjoying leisure activities together.

“The hour of truth”

The conventional dating site system is sensitive, discrete, or even intimate. You first get to know the other person online, you protect yourself with a chat name or pseudonym and perhaps create a romance with no real substance in the actual encounter. This form of intimacy may also grow on Singleactive as the members enjoy using all the site facilities to get to know each other better. But the many events proposed by Singleactive, can better guarantee a real discovery of the other person’s personality.

By concentrating on an encounter at an event you have chosen does not prevent you from placing an interesting personality profile on the site. This profile will be closer to reality as a real life meeting is often “the hour of truth” you cannot escape. It is pointless to put a ten-year old photograph of yourself on line, lie about your age or provide information which anyone can see through in a few seconds! By its organisation, Singleactive emphasises transparency, asking its members to be “as honest as possible”. And if you are not sure, why not ask your friends whether the profile you have placed on line is really you…  They will notice everything...

In perspective

Should you therefore increase contacts on Singleactive as you would gladly do on a conventional site? It is certainly vital to keep a sense of perspective but do not forget that collecting contacts is not your top priority on Singleactive. Above all, the platform offers an atmosphere of convivial meetings through countless leisure pursuits, where the level of organisation alone guarantees the success of the event. Just imagine the pleasure of being at a concert, a sports outing, a VIP event, a family day or a comfortable relaxing weekend. Singleactive encounters for singles will certainly create solid relationships and true friendships, without forgetting the inevitable promptings of the heart which are bound to make themselves known in such a favourable context....

Finally, just be yourself on Singleactive; spontaneous and open to the pleasure of sharing social activities where you will have all the time you need to reveal your strengths and your personality,  making it more than possible that you will one day be surprised by love...

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